Gordon Bourne Lodge No.9388 (Staines, Middlesex)

Lodge Crest


 Gordon Bourne Crest 11.JPG

This Lodge Crest or Badge has at its centre piece part of the crest of the Bourne family – shown in the record as: BOURNE, JOHN, of HILDERSTONE HALL, STAFFS., ON A MOUNT VERT, A PEGASUS SALIENT PER FEESE OR GU, CHARGED ON THE BODY WITH THE TWO FOUNTAINS ppt. HOLDING IN THE MOUTH A TREFOIL SLIPPED VERT. (Trefoil slipped vert being a kind of plant with three leaves and flowers of various colours.) The crest also contains the family Motto of ‘SERVE AND OBEY’.

Gordon Bourne Lodge was Consecrated with 23 Founding  brethren and within its first eighteen months attracted six further Joining members and three Initiates. The Founding secretary, W.Bro. Rex Walmsley designed the Lodge Banner and him and his wife, Marjorie, over a period of seven months, made the Banner and presented it to the Lodge. The Lodge members were delighted and felt greatly honoured when our Pro Provincial Grand Master, the R.W.Bro. Gordon L. Bourne kindly offered to be the Dedicating Officer.