Gordon Bourne Lodge No.9388

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The R.W.Bro. Gordon  Lionel Bourne

Past Pro Provincial Grand Master


The Province of Middlsex 

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The Gordon Bourne Lodge No.9388 was consecrated on the 18th October 1990 at the Staines Masonic Hall by the Pro Provincial Grand Master, The R.W.Bro. Gordon Lionel Bourne leading a very impressive team of Provincial Grand Officers. The Petitioners, from a number of Lodges, were brethren who, in the main, lived and worked in the South, West and South West of the Home Counties. From conversations arising during Lodge visiting and among themselves they had come to think that there was a place for a new Lodge to be founded at the Masonic Hall, Staines. Enquiries regarding membership, either as Initiates or Joining members, seemed to indicate great promise for such a Lodge with the strong possibility of keen membership coming from the greater Staines area.  It was felt that to found a new Lodge there would provide an opportunity for Joining members, encourage Initiates and give younger brethren a chance of progressing at a reasonable speed. The Staines Father Thames Lodge had agreed to act as our sponsoring Lodge and a firm foundation on which the brethren could endeavour to build a strong and truly Masonic Lodge. If a Petition was granted the Pro Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Middlesex,  R.W.Bro. Gordon Lionel Bourne, had most kindly agreed that the Lodge would be called the ‘Gordon Bourne Lodge’ and that his family crest could form the centre piece of the Lodge badge.

Sadly members of the Lodge was declining and was close to handing in their warrent, after talks with Blenheim Park Lodge 8981 it was decided that we would join together and on 27th February 2020 Gordon Bourne Lodge became "The Motocycle Enthusdiasts of Middlesex".

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